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Dry Land Swim Training **COMING SOON**

  • 31Days
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Want to improve your swim times without living at the swimming pool? It's easier than you think. We started up dry land swim training (SwimBands) during the first Covid lockdown, when the pools were closed. We thought it would be a good 'temporary fix' for our athletes. What blew us away was that those athletes who did swim bands twice a week actually IMPROVED their swim times when lockdown finished and they got back in the pool! Yes, you read that right. They got faster at swimming WITHOUT swimming. We did SO MUCH RESEARCH in to the best techniques, the most efficient sets and reps, that you will get the best outcome from just a short 15-20 minute session. Any more than that and it fatigues your shoulders too much and your technique suffers, cue injuries. Now, don't read that and think you can complete an ironman just by doing swimbands, that is NOT what we're saying! You still need to get wet. What we are saying however, is that you can significantly improve your swim times by doing swimbands twice a week. You'll need a set of swimbands for this workout. You can find where to buy these from the recommended kit page!

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