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Ironman barcelona finish line

So, You're Doing Ironman Barcelona...

Congratulations! You've entered one of our favourite races!

And, by being here, you've taken the first step to ensuring that will you have an awesome and successful race day.

If you're feeling apprehensive about the demands of the course, the sea swim, the cut off's, or just generally a bit overwhelmed by it all then we would love to be part of your journey and help you cross the finish line to hear those all-important words:

"You Are An IRONMAN"


How Will We Make Your Race Day Better?

In one word: Preparation.

Our proven coaching methods ensure that you will arrive on the start line of Ironman Barcelona as physically prepared as you could possibly be.

Our recipe to success is knowing how to juggle the demands of every-day life and helping you to focus on the key training necessary for your race day.

We do add a bit of secret sauce too, but don't tell anyone! - We help you to get your head around the race.

We break it down, we talk about your worries and focus on making them achievable. Ironman is very much a mental challenge, perhaps more so than the physical. If you've got the right 'I CAN' attitude on race day, then you'll not only cross the finish line, but you'll have a blast doing it!

In addition to our first class, personalised training, we will provide you with a full PERSONALISED race plan:

  • Course Notes

  • Registration, Racking and Race Day timings - where do you need to be and when.

  • Cut Off Times

  • Expected weather and how to handle the conditions

  • Nutrition

  • Pacing

  • Mindset tips for each part of the course

  • Technical tips

  • Transition help

  • Kit List

  • and more!

Sounds good, doesn't it.

We take out all of the stress for you. So all you need to do is tick off the training sessions as they pop up in your Training Peaks.

It's not too late to start either. If you're worried about race day, then every little bit of coaching will help you.

If you're not worried about race day, and just want to go faster, than we can absolutely help with that as well, PB seekers are encouraged and welcomed too!

Well, what are you waiting for?! Let's tame get you across the finish line together! Send me your details and we'll have a FREE, no obligation chat about coaching.

Don't forget, when you start coaching with us, there's no set-up fee, no minimum term. You're completely in control.

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Ironman Triathlon Club
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