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2022 Summary

Looking back at 2022 and what I've achieved with my coached athletes. Feeling super proud of their progress and their hard work;

🌟  Kona Qualifier

🌟 Age Group World Sprint Championship qualifications

🌟 Age Group Sprint Europeans qualifications

🌟 Age Group Long Distance World's Qualifier

🌟 2 minutes off 10km PB for Age Grouper who had plateaued

🌟 Marathon PBs

🌟 From parkrunner to Marathon runner

🌟 Several athletes first 70.3 distance

🌟 First ever Ironman finish from complete beginner

🌟 10km swim finisher

These guys and gals are pretty impressive, right?! Can't wait to see what 2023 brings 💪

The key to all of these successes? These athletes stick to the plan, they train consistently, week in week out, they tick off the long slow sessions at the designated low intensity and they push hard ONLY on the high intensity sessions. It works. They trust the process and watch the gains arrive 💪






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