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Buggy Running, Glorious or Gimmick?

You've probably seen buggy runners increase in numbers dramatically over the past couple of years, they're whizzing around Parkrun and training hard on the streets. But is running with a buggy all it's cracked up to be?

We think so!

Here's why...

1. You don't need childcare! Whoop! Struggling to find 'me' time is hard when you have a little person to look after. They require so much time and energy to keep entertained, making it difficult to justify spending time on yourself. Running with a buggy means that you can take them with you, problem solved!

2. Running is one of the top ways to get fit and lose fat. Apart from the buggy, you don't need to spend a lot of money to get involved. You can run almost anywhere and you can run in any weather (just make sure your little person is wrapped up warm). No more gym memberships and no more excuses!

3. You'll have a blast of feel-good hormones after your run too, putting you in a good mood for the rest of the day! Happy mummy = happy baby!

4. Your little person will love it! They get to see the great outdoors, whether you're running in parks, along the roads or in the forest. Your little one will love seeing new and exciting things.

5. It's great for getting your little person off to sleep! Forget getting in the car late at night and driving around the block a hundred times....pop them in the buggy and go for a long run. Bingo! Sleeping child! Just remember that if you're going cross-country then it's unlikely they'll snooze.

6. Running with a buggy is more physically demanding than running without one. This might not seem like a positive, but trust me, it is! Pushing the extra weight will help you lose weight, get stronger and be much much faster when you run without a buggy. Expect your buggy times to be slower than your normal pace, but relish in the knowledge that you're training hard!

7. Buggy running is great for a strong core. That's right, no more sit ups needed! Steering your buggy engages your core muscles, meaning you will tone up without specifically trying to!

8. Anyone can run with a buggy! It doesn't have to be mummy. That's right, pass the buggy and baby to granddad, dad, auntie Sue or anyone who loves running. They'll love it even more when it means they can spend time entertaining the little ones!

9. Pushing a buggy means you can carry a drink! Yay! In those hotter months when all other runners are wishing they had a drink with them, you have yours tucked away in the buggy pouch!

10. You can even enter races as a buggy runner! That's right, race with your little person and share the experience, have them be your cheerleader as you run!

And YES! You can complete an Ironman when all of your run training has been pushing a buggy around!

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