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What is FatMax?

FatMax is the maximum rate at which an athlete can burn fat during exercise. It is expressed as a percentage of maximum heart rate (MHR) or as a power output. FatMax is different for everyone, and it can be affected by factors such as fitness level, body composition, and training history.

Why is FatMax important for triathletes?

Triathletes need to be able to burn fat efficiently in order to perform well. This is because fat is the body's primary source of energy for long-duration exercise. By training at FatMax, triathletes can improve their ability to burn fat and conserve glycogen stores. This can help them to avoid fatigue during races and improve their overall performance.

How to train at FatMax

There are a few different ways to train at FatMax. One way is to use a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate during exercise. The most effective way, and our favourite at BLOC, is to use a power meter to track your power output. Once you have determined your FatMax, you can start to incorporate FatMax training into your workouts.

FatMax training can be done in a variety of ways;


Do interval training at FatMax. This involves alternating between short periods of high-intensity exercise at FatMax and periods of lower-intensity recovery.


Another way to train at FatMax is to do steady-state exercise at FatMax. This involves maintaining a constant pace at FatMax for a set period of time.

How to find your FatMax Zone

Get Tested! Contact us now for our INSCYD testing to find our your FatMax, CarbMax, VLaMax, Carb combustion and Fat Combustion rates.

Why Should I Get Tested?

FTP and zones are quite generic. They're based on the assumption, usually, that you are a young, trained, healthy male, that your body fat and body composition is average for that demographic. Does that sound like you? Perhaps not!!

INSYCD Testing tests you as an INDIVIDUAL, assessing lots of different metrics to determine how your body functions and processes fuels (oxygen, fat and carbs) during different intensities of training. - As you can imagine, every BODY is different!

You then get training zones that are 100% bespoke to you. This means your training becomes more effective, you get more from your sessions and you get FASTER more quickly.

Pretty awesome, huh!


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