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First Steps To Coaching With Us

Have you decided which races you would like to target?

Your training would be tailored to help prepare you for the course demands of your race, as an example, Wales is hilly so we would concentrate on climbing once we've built your base fitness up, whereas Barcelona is flat, so we would build your sustained power. We would also tailor your training to your family and work commitments, because if your plan doesn't fit your lifestyle then it'll never work for you. We will also amend and adapt your plan as we go along, because life happens!

If you haven't decided yet, don't panic! We love helping you choose which race to target. Depending on your goals, we can help you refine a shortlist to choose from!


As part of the take-on process, we'll run through your current training load and discuss how you're feeling after certain sessions to really understand your starting point, we will then run through a couple of fitness tests for each of the disciplines to set your training zones. We will also run through the kit you have and whether you might like to consider any other training aids to help you progress. Your training will be tailored to your resources, so if you just have a heart rate monitor then we can program sessions based on heart rate. You may have access to an indoor trainer and use power for the bike, or we can do a mixture of both.


It's important to know why you're looking for a coach. What do you want to achieve?

Don't be shy, if you want to go big, then tell us!

Goals are personal, and everyone's goal will be different but equally as important. If you aren't sure what to target, that's ok! We can have a good chat through and figure out your goals together.

Don't forget, goals are also not set in stone, we can amend and adapt them as you progress through your training.


In terms of injuries, it's really important to manage the build in volume and intensity for training, if we build too quickly and before strength is established, then injuries are more likely to appear or become worse. In line with this, it's really important that we chat regularly and you let me know whether you're experiencing any niggles or aches, so we can aim to adapt the plan to reduce the risk of flare-ups.


As mentioned above, it's important to stay in touch regularly, coaching is online, however you have constant access via Whatsapp for any queries and we can schedule a video call as and when you would like one. There's no limit to the number of messages (provided it's not excessive!).

All of your training will be published to Training Peaks, you'll have your own account and can view the calendar on your phone or desktop. Each session asks for feedback, and I will receive an alert to review your comments. Depending on what you've written, I'll either respond directly on the workout or call/text via whatsapp if more information or detail is needed.


You'll notice I've used 'We' rather than 'I' all the way through this, because your training plan needs to be a partnership between you and I, we work together to mold it into something that works for you on a week by week basis. I hope that makes sense!


In terms of fees, it's a fixed fee of £125 and payable monthly by direct debit.

There's no set-up fee and no contract, so if you need to flex your training then we can discuss putting your plan on hold - as an example, this year a couple of athletes have taken 4 month holidays to travel, so we've paused the plans for them (just note this isn't available for shorter 2-week holidays etc). I ask for a month's notice if you'd like to cancel, this is just because your training is planned in advance.


If you like the sound of the above, the next step would be for us to arrange a call (either a 'normal' call or a video call), just let me know!


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