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Racing 10 months after Birth! 3rd Overall!

You may have noticed that I've been a little quiet on here's been a busy August in our household, my Husband won his sailing World Championships in Canada (!!!) and I have been training hard to get ready for my Ironman triathlon in October.

3rd Female, Shropshire Middle Distance Triathlon

Last weekend saw me compete in a practice race before my Ironman, it was a middle distance triathlon (2000m swim, 80km cycle followed by a half marathon). I wanted to check my pacing, nutrition and my kit were all ready for 4 weeks time, where I will race double the distance! I am over the moon to share with you that I finished the race in 3rd position and collected a lovely trophy for my efforts! I also managed a half marathon time close to my pre-baby personal best!

Returning to fitness after having Ted 10 months ago hasn't been easy. I used to think I knew what tiredness was....until I had a baby! It's a whole new level of exhaustion, but you can't curl up and have a nap, you have to keep going, there's a little person depending on you for entertaining them when they're bored, feeding them when they are hungry, changing, cleaning etc etc. Add on top of that the need to train and it's obviously never going to go exactly to plan!

It's not impossible and it's certainly not a chore. All it's taken is some fantastic support from my husband, good time planning, motivation to not fail and being able to say both 'no, I can't train today' and 'I'm tired but training will make me feel better.' I've learnt to understand how I feel within myself and that's probably the most important part attributed to my success this weekend. My husband works full time, so he's also grateful for the times when I take myself off for a run or swim and leave him and Ted to have some valuable Daddy-Son time without me interfering! Ted also accompanies me on 90% of my run training, he absolutely loves being in the running buggy and waves at anyone we pass!

Taking time out to train has also helped me keep my sanity, it's easy to feel like you lose your identity when you become pregnant and when you become a mother. Having a hobby, goals and challenges outside of being a parent has helped my to keep my sense of self, and to be a better mother for our little boy. He will always come first, but to do that I need to be on top form too. I hope as parents that we are setting a good example to our little boy and that he grows up wanting to be fit and active!

Cycling the 80km, mid-race

My training and continual professional development as a Personal Trainer, Triathlon Coach and Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise Instructor has helped me to really hone in on what is important both with post-natal recovery, and also in how the body adapts, recovers and strengthens. I have thoroughly enjoyed putting my knowledge in to practice on myself and am looking forward to racing in 4 weeks time.

My online, interactive classes will be starting at the end of October, so if you too would like to get fit and healthy then stay tuned!

I'll update again after my Ironman. Wish me luck!

For reference; an Ironman is 3,800km swim, 112 mile cycle followed by running a marathon. Without a rest!


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