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Scrap Kona, The Men Are Off To Nice!

All good rumor's are based on the truth, so it was of no surprise to see that Ironman have confirmed Nice as this years' Mens Ironman World Championships destination. Sorry chaps, you will not be in Kona this year, unless you're supporting the women in your life.

The decision has been controversial, Kona is the home of Ironman, after all. BUT the real annoyance stems from the hundreds of athletes already qualified for Kona, who have booked their accommodation, flights, time off work etc etc, only to have the rug pulled out from under them. It's an expensive change but one we just have to get on and deal with unfortunately.

After the success of the women's only race day in Kona 2022, it's fair and just that women continue to have their day in the spotlight, after all, the racing was enthralling! But as a woman, I can't help but feel for the guys that have dedicated their time to training for that KQ, the family sacrifices made only for a last minute change. At least for the women, we've got an extra 12 months to get our heads around going to Nice and not Kona.


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