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Wow! Buggy Running!

The invention of the running buggy must go down as one of the all-time best inventions for the modern mummy AND for Daddy's who are keen to train whilst being a key part of the family.

For the fit or want-to-be-fit families, this is an absolute MUST HAVE!

Owning a running buggy gives you one really important thing. Independence. You can go running whenever you like. No more waiting for daddy (or mummy) to get home from work, no more relying on childcare and no more excuses!

And the best thing?! Our little people love it! It’s an adventure for them, they love the speed, the gentle vibration (running buggies have suspension!), they get to see more of the world and they get to be with you doing something you love! What’s more, you’ll be buzzing for the rest of the day after your run, so your little one will love your energy! It’s also known to send them to sleep too, most running buggies have a recline feature, Zzzz!

Did you know that running releases endorphins, which are happy hormones? It’s a great help for those suffering from post-Natal depression. Running with a group will also encourage you to leave the house, helping you through some difficult times.

What's’s said that running with a buggy increases your calories burn by 20%!!! Wow!

It tones your whole body! That’s right, running is generally very good for weight loss because of the cardio nature of the exercise, running with a buggy will also strengthen your core, back and arms, giving you a flatter stomach, getting rid of the back cleavage you might have gained in pregnancy (I certainly did!) and will tone up those bingo wings!

A stronger core makes for a faster and more successful running technique come race day. This is particularly important towards the end of an ironman - notice how many runners are hunched over in the last few miles? Their core muscles are tired.

So what makes a running buggy special?

Unlike standard buggies, a running buggy will generally have three wheels.

The tyres are generally air filled, like those on your bike. This means you can adjust the pressure to make your little person more comfortable. The recommended pressure for the Out and About Nipper Sport is 40psi.

Most running buggies will also have suspension, this helps to soften the ride and take out those big jolts that would make it uncomfortable, so off-road running is possible and encouraged!

The handles on the buggy are adjustable, make sure you put them at the correct height for you so that you aren’t stretching or leaning in to the buggy. You should feel like you’re running as normally as possible.

Running buggies come with a little strap that’s tied to the handle bars and goes around your wrist whilst you’re running. ALWAYS use this! If you stumble you may loose your grip on the buggy and it might roll away! Not ideal if your by a road or anything potentially hazardous, never be complacent with this.

Your little one can get chilly while you run, so always make sure they’re wrapped up warm, the wind chill will increase the faster you go! Take a drink and snack for them and a clean nappy (just in case!). A spare blanket can also be helpful, as too would a rain cover! In the hotter months, put a sun hat and cream on them.

There will be some days when your little one just doesn’t want to be in the buggy, don’t force it and take a day off, or try again later.


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