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Hey, I'm MJ.

I'm the Team Nutritionist here at BLOC. Nutrition can be the real game changer in performance and it's my job to help you get it right!

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Hey Everyone!


My name is MJ and I am a qualified and registered nutritionist, specialising in Endurance Nutrition. I'm so happy to be a part of the BLOC team!


I've always loved being active and healthy, and I love being around like minded people, so it's no surprise that in my early 30's I solidified the many years of personal learning and training and turned to both triathlon as my main hobby and Nutritional Science as a career path - and I simply love both of them! 


I began competing in Triathlon with my first Olympic distance in 2018. My second Olympic came in the summer of 2019 and then I switched up to middle distance, racing the first chance I could get with the Mumbles middle distance in 2021. I have since gone on to complete a number of middle distance Triathlons (including 12 in 12 months in 2022) and I'm now getting ready for a build toward my first full distance at Challenge Roth in 2024!


I offer Endurance Nutrition services with a particular focus on Triathlon. And I love to help people break down the complex world of nutrition into simple and manageable bits of knowledge - making sure you learn things as well as having my support to implement them properly. I truly believe that Nutrition can be the real game changer in performance (after all, it is what fuels you!) So I always want to do everything I can to help anyone nail their own nutrition strategies to reach their true potential. 


When I'm not competing, furthering my nutrition knowledge or training - I like to get outside as much as I can: cold water dips, surfing, hiking, whatever gets me in touch with nature. Whatever keeps the body moving and the mind happy!


— Aristotle

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