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Bespoke Training Plans

Whether you're training for a Sprint, Olympic, Half-Iron or full Ironman, we have the expertise to design your training plan from scratch. Your plan will never be the same as someone-elses. Guaranteed!

Reviewed by your coach and updated throughout the week, because life happens. 

Suddenly have a meeting? No problem. We'll switch your week around so you get the most benefit from the time you have left. Need the weekend off to attend a Wedding - of course!!

Most importantly - we'll tell you when to REST!

UNLIMITED Coach Support

Check in with your coach when you need to. There are no limits on contact, send us a message and we'll reply as soon as we can (obviously we sleep occasionally and ride bikes, so it's not always immediate!).


Feeling a bit 'Meh' then let us know, we can help. Feeling 'YEAH' and want to shout about it? We'll listen and celebrate with you, it's not all about the sessions.

Not sure what your session plan means? No worries, we'll explain and guide you through it.

Maximise Performance

We are advocates of INSCYD testing, the only testing protocol that gives you precise lactate stats without having to go to the lab AND without having to draw blood! Yay!

Your training zones will be dialled in and specific to you, no more guessing with FTP tests. Follow our testing protocol on your turbo trainer and we can calculate the rest.

What's more, this also helps us calculate your calorie requirements at each training zone and net reserves. Clever stuff.


All you need to do is train, and we'll do the numbers! Kapow!

DEDICATED Sports Therapist

On hand for the unlikely event that you feel a niggle or get injured.

Offering 1-2-1 consultations and working hand-in-hand with your coaches to make sure any pre-hab or rehab exercises are complimented and respected within your training plan.

Completing the package to making it your STRONGEST race season yet!


Unlimited access to our programs for:

  • Team Turbo - when all of the team get together and push through those hard interval sets. Tuesdays 0615-0700.

  • Dryland Swim Training (integrated in to your training plan, great when you can't always get to the pool 3 times a week!)

  • Yoga & Stretch Videos - short videos to stretch out, great to do whilst you're waiting for dinner to cook! Helps to reduce injury risk.

  • Strength - at home strength and plyometrics to supercharge your speed, power and reduce injury risk

Member Only Discounts

We have support from some of the top brands in the Industry.

Our members receive exclusive discounts from Uperform, Zone3, Huckson and Precision Fuel & Hydration, to name just a few!

Exclusive RACESKIN Team Kit

Because Team Kit makes you faster.

We've got the BEST kit ready and waiting at our team shop. From Trisuits to Skinsuits, Cycling kit, running vests, bobble hats, socks, aero shoe covers and turbo towels. You name it, it's ready for you! No restrictive order windows or minimum quantities, you want it - order it and it'll arrive within 30 days. Yeeeeeha!

You'll also receive a team swim hat for FREE when you sign up!


We coach everyone, from GBR Age Groupers to people who dream of ironman but want to start from a couch-to-5km type plan!

If you'd like a chat with your coach before you decide, then send a message and we'll be in touch!

We're happy to chat to you about coaching, even if you haven't decided yet. There's no pushy sales, we'll answer any questions and then give you the space you need after our call to make a decision. We're a pretty friendly bunch.

Thanks for submitting!

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